What is Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail is happening right across Australia on Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 October 2019. It’s a big weekend encouraging us to put secondhand first and minimise our impact on the planet.

In our book, small actions drive BIG change. So while one garage sale on its own won’t make much difference, hundreds of thousands of Aussies joining our trail packs some real punch.

When we get together in the streets, community centres and schools to buy, sell and reuse, at garage sales over a weekend… well, that’s a massive chapter we’re rewriting. Kinda makes you want to get stuck it, doesn’t it?

Garage Sale Trail happens with the support of Local Council partners across the country and nearly 400,000 bargain hunting, reuse loving Australians shopping and selling at more than 18,000 garage sale events Australia-wide.

Every garage sale has a unique style and gets a sale page that provides clues to who's involved, what’s on offer and anything else that’s going down. It’s like a treasure map to second hand greatness. Likewise, shoppers can search for sales, items of interest and make your own Trail of favourite sales to checkout. Registrations open August 10th.

Join the movement this October and help us spread the word. Let’s choose to reuse and join the over 400, 000 Aussies putting second hand first!

When the whole country starts putting second hand first, the impacts are huge!

Andrew Valder